Dear friends!

If you have visited this page, would you like to join our team as a volunteer? 

Why join us?
• Volunteers visit families on a regular basis and talk to children
• Volunteers render inpatient services
• Volunteers look after children under the hospice care at the summer camp Stork
• Volunteers give a hand in organizing activities
• Volunteers help with driver services
• Volunteers do repairs
• Volunteers work as designers, cameramen, interpreters, etc
• Volunteers circulate information on the Hospice

If You would like to join us,
1. Fill in a volunteer form.
2. Take a short volunteers’ course with our coordinator, psychologist and nurse. Arrange a meeting on the mobile +375 25 7430603.
3. Choose the kind of help that appeals to you.
If you are going to volunteer in a family, inpatient facility or summer camp Stork,
4. Please, be so kind to submit a medical examination document.

Important notice

Volunteering is challenging!
Decide on what kind of services you would like to render and how much time you are prepared to spend.
Volunteering should not affect your family life, work and privacy.
Be responsible. “Think twice before cutting once.” Volunteering requires consistency.
If you are still eager to help us, please join our team of friends. We have been looking for YOU!
Our volunteer coordinator is Irina Baidakova. She is always ready to respond to your questions either by mobile +375 25 7430603 or via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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