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Since May 2017 the company Skoda has been implementing a volunteer drive service project entitled ‘365 Days of Good Deeds’ (for citizens of Minsk and Minsk region only). In the Calendar of good deeds a person can mark a day, when s/he is willing to drive a very sick child to the Center for physiotherapy treatment, to a hospital for a medical examination, or to a concert or meeting with friends. So, for one whole year families under the care of Belarusian Children’s Hospice can make use of volunteer Skoda drive service.
It is very easy to join the project ‘365 Days of Good Deeds’:
1. Click on the ‘Registration’ tab.
2. In the tab fill in a form which contains information for project participation.
3. You will receive an email confirmation. If your help is needed on this day our specialist will call you the day before the selected date to confirm your participation and define the directions.

Please, register no later than 2 days before you plan your trip.
If you have registered on the Calendar of good deeds and our specialist has not called you, it means that we need no more volunteers for this day. However, now you are in our volunteer driver database we will contact you in the near future.
You will find answers to FAQs here.
Let everyone get involved in the Calendar of good deeds and make our lives better!

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